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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Shakshuka - African Eggs

Shakshuka Recipe

When you say breakfast with eggs. What comes to you mind? Omelette? French Toasts? Scrambled eggs or Bhurji? Half Fry? Sunny Side up?

Well, I am going to share a breakfast that is as unique as a Dodo in India. Why? Because it is very non-Indian, it is Moroccan. It is sort of heavy, protein rich and yummy!!! And its different, that's the beauty of it!

Yes, today the recipe that I am going to share is an African dish called Shakshuka but I have given it a twist of my own. Well, once you get a general idea after reading this post, even you can make your own twist.

Shakshuka is a staple of TunisianLibyanAlgerianMoroccan, and Egyptian cuisines. Because eggs are the main ingredient, it is often on breakfast menus, but in Israel, it is also a popular evening meal.

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Look at the pic below and you will have some idea.

Shakshuka - African eggs
Shakshuka - African eggs

Shakshuka - African eggs
Shakshuka - African eggs

Recipe of Shakshuka - African Eggs:


  1. 3 Eggs
  2. Some Salami or cooked seekh kebabs. I used both of them.
  3. Chopped Onions.
  4. Chopped Tomatoes
  5. Dried mixed herbs and dried rosemary
  6. Salt and Pepper.
  7. Coriandor for garnishing

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Egg In A Hole

Egg in a hole or Egg in a hole recipe

Managing 4 year old twins is such a difficult job but sort of blessing as even as a father I cannot escape their responsibility. Everything has to be shared and mother does not get to do everything alone. So, I picked up the part which I love so much and that is cooking.

So, as I was making eggs Sunny Side up for my kids, I thought why not make it different. Then I got the idea from the shape cutters my kids have in their clay shape maker collection. Eggs are actually power house of protein and very important for kids. Though we as adults avoid yolk due to health reasons, I advocate giving yolks to kids alongwith whites as it is full of energy which kids need. Also, if they have cold, hard boiled eggs with yolk really does wonder.

Sunny Side Up
Bread Pitt - Eggs inside the bread with suuny side up.

Though I did not use it, I just used a small bowl to make the cut that you can see in which out little shiny sun is chilling out!!!

It a is a very simple recipe but still let me put it step by step.

  1. 2 Eggs.
  2. 4 bread slices
  3. Salt and Pepper as per taste.
  4. 1-2 table spoons oil.