About Me


Thanks for visiting my blog and especially visiting this page to know about me.

I am Raj from Delhi. A proper Delhiite and punjabi boy! I did my schooling and graduation from Delhi and have been working all my life here. I have a beautiful wife who is also a good cook and have been blessed with two lovely identical twins, boys. I am a customer service professional and been working in corporates in Gurgaon.

I actually picked up cooking while I was in school. The first thing I tried was Rajma, the oh so loved dish by all punjabis. It was my favorite and still is when I want to eat something homely. My mother cooks amazing Rajma but one thing I did not like was she would make very think gravy. I always liked it thick. And I just mashed some Rajmas in a bowl, added them in gravy and made the gravy thick. That was my first twist of any dish.

Over a  period of time I have developed my skills and learnt a lot and keep trying new recipes. I love to cook for family and friends. And then I thought why not share it all the lovely people around.

That's how I started this platform to share the recipes and techniques to all of you.

I have tried to make this website simple and easy to navigate, however, I would love to get your feedback and comments, if any, you may have. Let's interact, Let it not be one way road. Lets talk and discuss and share. Subscribe here to keep connected.

I hope you have a lovely time reading my blog.