Monday, 24 August 2015

Fish in Butter Lemon Sauce

Fish in Lemon Butter Sauce

Hey  People,

So, as it is happening, this is my second post of the day. Earlier, I posed this Mocha Mousse recipe by my wife. And, now here is what I made and relished this really, really, really simple Fish in Butter Lemon Sauce. 

Actually, I had promised my son to take him to meat shop as he wanted to see fish. So, I came home little early, took him to the shop, got some fillets and made this easy dish ready in 10 minutes flat. Timing was apt as my wife also reached home and likes to have a light early dinner. She was super happy!

Have a look below what it looks like.
Fish in Butter Lemon Sauce
Fish in Butter Lemon Sauce
Fish in Butter Lemon Sauce
Fish in Butter Lemon Sauce
Doesn't it look wondeful. Well, it tasted good as well. You will really love it if you enjoy simple yet savory dishes.

Lets get to the recipe.

  1. Fish Fillets. I used Singhara (Cat Fish). You can use fish as per your preference. 
  2. 2 Lemons
  3. 4 table spoons butter
  4. Salt as per taste
  5. Black pepper
  6. Half cup white wine.

  1. First of all, season the fillets with salt and pepper. Rub the salt and pepper in so that flavors dig in.
  2. Now heat 1 table spoon oil in a pan.
  3. Cook fillets on both sides for about 3 minutes each on medium. This will ensure fillets are cooked through and evenly.
  4. Now take the pan off the heat and add white wine.
  5. Bring to heat again and reduce it to half to let the alcohol evaporate.
  6. Now add lemon juice and further reduce it to half.
  7. Now add butter and let it melt and mix with lemon and wine to make a nice sauce.
  8. Serve in a plate and garnish with fresh coriander or parsley.
  9. Final step, thank me!!

I got this ready in flat 10 minutes. Not more than that. It looks restaurant quality dish and is ready in a jiffy. Perfect for a afternoon lunch with chilled beer. Isn't it?

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  1. any prefered brand of white wine. ?? which one you used

  2. I used Sula. You can use any brand of wine.


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