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Piri Piri Chicken

Piri Piri Chicken or Piri Piri Chicken Recipe

Portugese had ruled Goa for a very long time and were involved in spice trade. It was them who made a wonderful spice mix called Peri Peri or Piri Piri which literally means Pepper Pepper in Portugese. So, as the name suggests it has to be spicy. And Peri Peri Chicken was something that has always fascinated me and this time I got the chance to make it. The bright red color, the aroma of the peri peri spice mix. Its just so wonderful. It is totally different from what I have been cooking in that versatile pan in my kitchen.

As I have been mentioning in my previous posts, making these european/english dishes is super damn easy. They are not complicated like Indian cuisine. It stands true for this cracker of a dish too.

Piri Piri Chicken
Piri Piri Chicken

Piri Piri Chicken
Piri Piri Chicken
Now, the main part of this dish is making the Piri Piri Spice Mix or the Piri Piri rub, whatever you might want to call it because that's what gives it the amazing taste. Rest all is basic.

Now that you have made the spice mix, let's start with the recipe:


  1. Piri Piri Spice Mix. Click for recipe.
  2. 2 chicken breasts.
  3. Oil for cooking.
  4. 1 big garlic clove.
  5. Chopped Veggies: Cauliflower, Carrots, Beans (get french beans if you can), Capsicum (funnily I had it ready but forgot to add). But veggies are totally based on your liking.
  6. Mixed herbs. Can be easily had from any store.
  7. Salt.

  1. First of all, make slanting gashes in the chicken breasts. This will ensure that the flavors go deep in the chicken.
  2. Now keep the chicken in a plate and drizzle with oil and nicely coat it.
  3. Now rub the spice mix nicely on the chicken. This should make the chicken red. :-)
  4. Keep it in fridge for half an hour to marinade.
  5. While chicken is getting marinated, par boil the veggies like carrots, cauliflower, beans, etc. Capsicum doesn't need that. Just put them in water in a bowl and microwave for 3-4 minutes. That's it.
  6. Now pre-heat the oven.
  7. Take a shallow baking dish, add all the veggies. Drizzle with oil, add a bit of salt and mixed herbs.
  8. Give it a nice mix and bake in oven for 20 minutes at 220 degrees C. This will ensure crisp veggies.
  9. Now cook the chicken while veggies are in the oven. Take a non-stick pan and add 1-2 table spoons of oil. Now, I would have preferred to use a Grill pan but I do not have it.
  10. Heat the oil on medium, put the chicken breasts first with skin side down. Also, add the garlic clove in the pan. The garlic will add its flavor to the oils in the pan.
  11. Cook chicken for 5-6 minutes on each side. Do not stir or move while its cooking, just let it cook.
  12. Now a handy trick to add more flavor to chicken. Tilt the pan, drizzle the oils in the pan over chicken using a spoon. This oil has the garlic flavor and doing this will elevate your dish to a new level. Do this on both sides.
  13. Once, chicken is cooked, let it rest for 5 minutes. This is very important.
  14. Serve it with baked herbed veggies and you can also add mashed potatoes if you want.
That's it, Its done. Now even you can cook this amazing looking Piri Piri Chicken.

I know you have loved this one and will definitely try it.

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