Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Valentine Italian Gnocchi

So, It was time for Valentines Day and I though of making something for my beloved wife, something that she would like to eat and also showcase my love for her.

Well, then I decided to go Italian as Italian symbolizes love and finesse. I made Italian Gnocchi in heart shapes.

Valentine Italian Gnocchi

Now, I made this heart shaped and added that dash of Red as my own twist but you could make it any shape and leave out the carrots because original recipe does not have carrots.

  1. Boiled or Baked Patatoes. Both work well, just grate them nicely so that they stay fluffy and light.
  2. Processed cheese.
  3. Parmesan Cheese
  4. 1 cup Refined Flour (Maida)
  5. Green Peas - Boiled.
  6. Carrots - Grated.
  7. 1 beaten egg. If you are vegetarian, leave out the eggs.
  8. Salt and Pepper for seasoning.
  9. 4 table spoons butter.

  1. Mix grated potatoes, flour, grated processed cheese, carrots, salt and pepper in a bowl. Be generous with salt as with boiled potatoes it can turn out little bland.
  2. Add the beaten and knead into a nice dough. Make sure its tight.
  3. Now, we need to cut them out into shapes. To make heart shapes, I used my kids' clay mould. LOL. Don't laugh. Well, you can make any shape like little squares, circles, anything. just remember that you don't make them too big as we will boil them and once boiled they will increase in size.
  4. Now to boil, add 1 table spoon oil and good amount of water in a deep pain. Water should be enough to hold the Gnocchi and not too crowded. You can boil them in batches too.
  5. Now, how do you know they are boiled? Well, they will start floating on surface telling you, "Hey, we are boiled!!".
  6. Now take a non-stick pan, add 1-2 table spoons of oil and sear the Gnocchi. You just need to brown it a little to give that color and crispness.
  7. Now add boiled peas and 4 table spoons of butter spread across.
  8. Just cook for 12-3 minutes and it will be done.
  9. Serve it with Parmesan cheese as garnishing.

Your Valentine Italian Gnocchi is ready to be enjoyed with your soul mate. If you are a man reading this, do try and win over your wife's heart. If you are a woman reading it, push your man to make it for you!

I hope you liked it and you will like the end result when you try it.



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