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Chicken Malai Tikka - Recipe

Chicken Malai Tikka Recipe

As you walk bye the lanes of Old Delhi, the smokey fragrance and aroma in the air of tikkas and kebabs will pull you so strongly that you will not leave without having a bite. That's actually true today in almost every part of Delhi with those vendors serving hot smokey Chiken Malai Tikka or Chicken Tikka.

When winters set in, I took our my barbeque, set the coal on fire and started sipping my scotch while I was smoking and charring those Chicken Malai Tikkas. I did it 4 consecutive weekends treating family and friends and it was so good to see them coming up to the barbeque and eating them piping hot. They just could not wait for it to be served. This thing comes out so juicy and succulent and the smokey flavor will take your breath away. Even the process will have your drooling as those juices will fall on hot coal and that sweet sizzling sound will enchant you.

Though this Chicken Malai Tikka recipe requires specialy equipment like a barbeque like Weber and seekhs. But you can have one locally made by local lohars. The seekhs that I used, I got them from a local lohar and it made my work so easy. However, the actual recipe is super easy. If you wanna know how to actually burn coal, take a look at this video on How to Burn coal in charcoal

Alternatively, you can also cook it in oven if you don''t have BBQ. Though, you will never have that smokey flavor.

Chicken Malai Tikka
Chicken Malai Tikka

Chicken Malai Tikka
Chicken Malai Tikka
Here goes the recipe:

  1. Boneless chicken cut into tikka sized pieces.
  2. Hung curd
  3. Cream
  4. Cardamom powder
  5. Garam Masala
  6. Dhaniya powder
  7. Salt
  8. Melted Butter.

  1. To marinade the chicken, mix all the ingredients nicely except the butter. Leave it to mariande for 2-4 hours. It will take time, else how will they be soft?
  2. Now light up the charcoal in your BBQ and wait for coal to turn red. This means its ready to go.
  3. Just like you see in the picture, put the seekhs with tikka on it over the coal. Make sure you put only as many seekhs you can handle else you might not notice and it will burn. Like it happened to me in the first time. :P
  4. Now, the only thing you have to do is to keep turning it over for even cooking on all sides and keep it brushing with melted butter.
  5. You should have the little charred look on the edges which will be amazingly crispy.
It is best served with green chutney and Onions. Also, throw some lime juice over it. And here it is, the easy peasy Chicken Malai Tikka.

Liked it? Leave your comments below and if you wan't any specific recipe, do let me know.

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