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Beer Battered Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips Recipe

Why do I love Fish and Chips?
Fish and Chips
Beer Battered Fish and Chips

Somehow, I love most thing British! Though I have never been to England but from whatever I know of England, be it the culture, food, living habits, weather, accent, I think that is the only place I would like to settle outside India if I get the chance to.

Food is one of the main reasons I like it and I do follow few British chefs. Fish and Chips was one of the earlier english classics that I picked up which I got hooked onto. And today, I will share with you the recipe of this classic dish.

I actually added another side to it by adding yummy mushy peas which adds another bit of nutrition in the dish.

Recipe for Beer Battered Fish and Chips with Mushy Peas:

  1. Fish Fillets. I sued Singhara or Cat Fish.
  2. Flour (Maida)
  3. Chilled beer. Well, this one is not to drink but to be added in batter. :P
  4. Salt and Pepper
  5. Oil to deep fry
  6. Packed French Fries.
  7. Green peas, boiled.
  8. Butter.
  9. Bread Crumbs. Here is how to Make Bread Crumbs at home.
  10. Egg for egg wash.

  1. First, let's make batter. For this add flour in a bowl.
  2. Add salt and pepper and mix it nice.
  3. Now make a small well in the flour and pour beer in it. Not all of it.
  4. Mix it with egg beater and then keep adding beer with one hand and whisking it with the other hand. You have to whisk it really nice to get those bubbles in the batter. Make sure you do not leave any lumps.
  5. Once batter is ready, give the fillets an egg wash. Then dip them in the batter and then coat it with bread crumbs.
  6. Now deep fry in medium heated oil. You do not want oil to be super hot else you will get crisp outer but your fish will not be cooked from inside.
  7. Now for chips, just deep fry the french fries in the oil and they will be done. You can make them at home if you like. I just used the packed ones.
  8. For mushy peas, add the boiled peas in mixie, add salt and pepper and one big scoops of butter.
  9. Give it a mix in mixie but not for long. You do not want a paste but you just want them to be smashed.
  10. Serve it with your favorite sauce, I love mayonnaise. :-)
Fish and Chips
Beer Battered Fish and Chips

Well, there is another thig you need. Chilled beer to drink with your Fish and Chips. I prefer Bud or KF Ultra. You pick your favorite one and eat along.

Ain't it easy?

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