Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Creamy Sauce - Companion for most baked dishes

Hey Foodies,

We indians love our curry, don't we? Well, the westerners love their sauces. If we see the fundamentals of cooking, curry and sauces serve the same purpose that is to add flavour and taste to the main ingredients. The only difference here is that in case of curry, mostly main ingredient is cooked with curry while when we make a sauce, we just eat it with cooked main food. Its served separately or just poured over the food.

Now, I have been cooking some western food as well which is generally baked or pan friend and is served with a sauce. And one fine day I made a sauce which came out so versatile and delicious and rich, I felt like sharing it with you in a separate post. So, here it goes.

Creamy Sauce


Take a sauce pan, add chopped onions, coriander and add white wine. Let it simmer on medium till almost all wine has evaporated. Just make sure it isnt too dry.

Now take out the corriandor. Add some cream and little milk to adjust the consistency you want. You may add milk little later if you want. Let it simmer and keep stirring for 4-5 minutes. Now we need to add butter in parts. One table spoon butter each time and keep stirring. Do it 4 times.

Now add chopped corriandor, salt and pepper. Let it simmer till you see the oils oozing out.

The sauce is ready!!

Now there are two ways you can have the sauce. If you want the onions, have it like that or you can strain it if you don't want onions in your sauce.

Do try and thank me!!! I am sure you will thank me!!! LOL



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