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Nihari Gosht - The food for the Kings

Hi Folks,

Hope you all are doing good. Weekend is coming and I am looking forward to cook something delicious, you too? Right?

Well, with just that in mind I thought of sharing this Nihari Gosht recipe with you which is a very traditional and comes the lanes of  Old Delhi and even today it is served for breakfast. Yes, for breakfast. So much to learn!

Well , it comes from Arabic word "Nahar" meaning Day and it was served to kings after sunrise prayers.

Well, I would simple share the recipe before you look like a kid drooling!! :P

Mutton Nihari
Nihari Gosht or Mutton Nihari
Mutton Nihari
Nihari Gosht or Mutton Nihari
What I am sharing here is a variation of Mutton Nihari which is much simpler as the original Nihari was cooked for 6-8 hours.


  1. Mutton with bone. No boneless as bone marrow gives the taste and is essential to this dish.
  2. One medium onion.
  3. Salt to taste.
  4. Red chilli power
  5. Coriander Power
  6. Turmeric Powder
  7. Saunf Powder
  8. Dried Ginger power or Saunth.
  9. Ginger julienne and Coriander for garnishing
  10. Oil.
  11. Atta or Wheat Flour


  1. Start heating oil in the pan. Don't be miser with oil. It's not a dish for health conscious.
  2. Before it gets hot, add all the spices and cook for only a little while.
  3. Now add the mutton and cook till it changes colour.
  4. Now add water and pressure cook it till its done. You can also cook it covered on low heat till its done. That's about 45 minutes depending on quantity of mutton.
  5. Now cook it little more uncovered. Once it starts releasing oil, add little more water as per the thickness or gravy that you want.
  6. Now this ingredient is what makes Nihari a Nihari. Take 1-2 table spoons of atta and mix it with water in a bowl. Now add this to mutton. This will give little thickness to gravy and add the texture to it. Add a splash of lemon juice. Cook it for few more minutes.
  7. Now we need to add tadka and tadka will be only of oil. Slice the onion and deep fry on high in a small pan in oil. Now add some of that oil as tadka in the Nihari.
  8. Serve it with ginger julienne and coriander as garnishing.

I had my mouth watering while writing this recipe. Seriously!!!

I do hope you try it and like it too!

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