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Sauteed Chicken with Honey Vinegar Sauce

Hi Friends,

Today what I am going to share with you is one of the first European style dish that I tried.

Sauteed Chicken with Honey Vinegar Sauce.

After this I knew that this kind of cuisine is so simple and easy to make. So, its a very simple dish and as European dishes are, its non spicy, something that most people would love. Its simple sauteed chicken breasts with a sweet Honey and Vinegar Sauce.
Chicken with Honey Vinegar Sauce
Chicken with Honey Vinegar Sauce

Here is the recipe:

For the Chicken Steak:

  1. 2 whole chicken breasts.
  2. Salt and Pepper
  3. Dried Rosemary
  4. Dried Mixed Herbs
  5. 2 table spoons oil to cook in flat pan.

For the Sauce:
  1. 4 table spoons vinegar
  2. 2 table spoons honey
  3. Salt and Pepper
  4. Half lemon juice

For Mashed Potatoes:

  1. 2-3 Potatoes
  2. 4 table spoons butter
  3. Milk
  4. Salt and Pepper

  1. First, the tricky part is that chicken breasts would not be even in thickness. So how do we evenly cook it. Simple, place the pieces on a chopping board, cover it with a cling flim. Then just gently pound it with a mallet or rolling pin, till its even. Wont take much of effort. We need to make it evenly thick.
  2. Now just rub a little salt, black pepper, mixed herbs and rosemary and leave it aside.
  3. Take a flat plan and heat it nicely. Add oil, enough to saute the chicken pieces  Now quickly saute the chicken breasts, first on high flame to make them crisp and then 4-5 minutes on each side to cook it properly. Well u need to make sure they are cook properly.
  4. Now the chicken is done. Take out the chicken and and keep it aside.
  5. For the sauce, click on this link. Honey Vinegar Sauce Recipe.
  6. For Mashed Potatoes, boil the potatoes
  7. Drain all the water and put them in a pan.
  8. Add salt and pepper. Be generous with seasoning as potatoes taste bland with normal amount of seasoning.
  9. Take the potato masher and start mashing the potatoes gently. Do check for seasoning too.
  10. Now add little milk, 1-2 table spoons and butter and start mashing it again. Milk will help it get the right consistency and butter will add the saltiness and make it smooth.
  11. Mash till potatoes have a consistency and hardly any lumps.
  12. To serve, put the chicken breasts on the plate, drizzle the lovely sauce and enjoy.

Too simple...See!

Well, the look and taste of it left my wife smiling all the way!!!!

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