Monday, 14 May 2012

Kacchay Gosht Ki Dum Biryani - Magic of Potli Ka Masala

Kacche Gosht Ki Dum Biryani

Hi friends, Hope you have been eating good!!!

Well this time I am going to share my experience of trying out mutton biryani and that too with a risk of mutton not cooking up well. But, in my first try, it worked out really well. Mutton was cooked nice and proper and tender & rice was not sticky and done good! I have been cooking curries and grilled/roast non-veg dishes but it was long time back that I had tried Biryani as a token of thanks to someone. (My brother-in-law). It hadn’t turned out that good though.

Well, I know, just the thought of cooking biryani gives make people headache as its very complex in nature in terms of ingredients as well as the process and you do need the skill. And it also tests your knowledge of cooking utensils.  And it’s not a recipe in which you separately cook mutton and then mixed with cooked rice. NO NO NO. It’s not call Biryani for heaven’s sake!!!! That’s cheating!!!!
Kacche Dam ki Gosht Biryani

So, this time I thought of trying mutton biryani in which mutton is not pre-cooked but marinated and cooked along with half-done rice which is difficult. Its aptly names ‘Kachay Gosht ki Dum Biryani’. You may end of having mutton half-done or rice over cooked, either of which will spoil the dish. Also, I know many people don’t like to see those whole spices in their biryani like Cardamom, whole black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, etc. So, actually prepared this ‘Potli Ka Masala’ and boiled it in water and then cooked rice in that water. This adds all the taste and wonderful aroma of those spices without leaving any whole spices in the meal. Sounds tricky? Actually it’s easy!

Now, my fingers were crossed when it was simmering away on low heat but I was lucky enough to have it done just right. Biryani came out really delicious without being spicy (even my twin boys could eat it). Well along with briyani, the best companion is the raita. You may try your own variety of raita but I did what I like the most, Jeera Raita!!! Yummy!!!

Now this recipe, you basically half cook the rice. Layer it over marinated meat in a thick flat base (not round), layer is with some spices and then again layer with rice. You also seal the cover so that steam doesn’t escape, that is why it’s called Dum Biryani. However, tricky part is to ensure mutton is tender and cooked properly along with rice. Remember, add pure ghee in marinade and also while layering the rice because IF THERE IS NO GHEE, THERE IS NO BIRYANI.
Dum Gosht Biryani

While I am writing this, I can still feel the taste of biryani in my mouth and the aroma. And yeah, how good the aroma is I will tell you by this narrative. Once it was done, I opened the pan, asked my wife to smell it and have a look, she just said ‘yeah its good’. To be honest, I was kind of disappointed because may be she didn’t think much of this preparation. But the moment I penetrated the spatula from sides and turned rice and mutton to mix with top layer, my wife who was about to leave kitchen, stopped, came back and said “WOW”. The glitter in her eyes told me her mouth was watering. Now you can imagine how aromatic this kind of complex biryani can be. I ain’t saying I am that good, just that the whole complex mixture is so heavenly.

I am going to make this again with CHICKEN when my friends come over for dinner next time.
And yeah, if you want to know how to make perfect biryani, keep making it daily and you will perfect it someday. J Biryani is such an amalgamation of different flavors! 

Happy cooking!



  1. i wanna start eating non veg again :)...awsum

  2. Thanks! Did Anisha tell you how was the chicken? I did not like it actually! :P

  3. hain... i see my name!.... RKB this looks yum

    1. It tastes yum too! However, if you promise to invite me for a good non veg meal, I will tell you the recipe! LOLS


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